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The Benefits of Outdoor Dining

Eating outdoors is just better. Surrounded by fresh air, loved ones, good food, and the beauty of a shaded terrace, a stunning gazebo, or an open air kitchen. This season, we want to encourage you to make the most of your beautiful outdoor environment and dine al fresco.

As if you need additional reasons to do so, here’s four benefits of taking your meals outside:

  1. Eases Digestion
    If you are used to eating while standing over the kitchen sink, constantly hopping from task to task, you don’t actually get the chance to enjoy your food. Beyond just enjoyment, eating without paying attention to what you are eating can negatively impact your digestion. Eating outside enables you to get away from the hustle of your home’s interior life and allows for a more mindful experience that highlights joy.

  2. Vitamin D
    Taking breakfast on the patio or hosting the neighbors for a leisurely lunch can help you meet your weekly needs for vitamin D. Note that direct sunlight for ten to fifteen minutes a week is what is recommended by Harvard Medical School. Taking your meals outside can help you maintain strong bones, prevent osteoporosis, and protect against depression, heart attacks, cancer, and even stroke.

  3. Boost Immunity
    As we’ve previously mentioned, soaking in the elements can reduce stress. This in turn has positive benefits for the body’s immune system. By reducing your body’s production of the stress hormone, cortisol, your immune system can optimize to more effectively and efficiently fight off any exposure to germs and illnesses.

  4. Mental Clarity
    Taking a break from screens (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) is more natural when you step outside into nature. By enjoying meals outside, you can up the awareness factor of participating in the natural world around you.

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