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Keep Cool and Carry On

Let’s state the obvious. Arizona gets really hot during the summer. Many people retreat indoors to the sanctuary of their air conditioning, sofas, and Netflix accounts. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

At Creative Environments, we’ve rounded up several tips that enable you to optimize the conditions in your backyard environment, even during the peak summer months.

  • Add Misters
    Did you know that misters can help cool your backyard space down by approximately 20 degrees? Misters are a game changer when it comes to utilizing your outdoor space when the temperatures climb. Just be sure that your mister system setting is gentle and doesn’t expel more than 5 microns of pressure.

  • Water Features
    Adding a water feature like a waterfall to your backyard pool can do more than just enhance the aesthetic nature of your space, it can also help change the temperature. Water features function like microclimates and reduce ambient temperatures by up to 10 degrees.

  • Shade Features
    From covered pergolas to gazebos, large plant life to shade sails, the range of options available on the market today enable you to customize your own shady vision for your backyard environment.

  • Outdoor Shower
    One of the best ways to maximize time outdoors in the sunshine is to do regular life outside. Take breakfast and coffee on the patio, exercise in the pool, and our personal favorite: shower. There’s nothing quite like an outdoor shower. Not only can you keep cool among the birds, it’s functional.

If interested, talk to our team about how we can help you keep your cool this season!

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