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We have hundreds of Arizona plant species available for you to choose from, and together with our custom designed planters, we make sure your environment is unique and appealing.

Selection is very important when it comes to landscape plants in Phoenix. Plants can bring beauty and color to your living environment. They can also be used for different purposes such as screening, shade, dividing areas, and noise control. Choosing the correct plants for the right place and purpose is critical to developing a beautiful, functional, and manageable landscape.

At Creative Environments, we’ll use our expert knowledge to choose landscape plants that fit into your existing space. We take into consideration plant size at maturity, light requirements, maintenance, heat, wind tolerance, and soil preference.

Plants can be very important to your landscape for many reasons. Here are some things to think about when choosing landscape plants in Phoenix:

Height and width are important when considering how big your plants will be when they are fully grown. A plant will grow both upward and outward as it’s maturing. Not calculating mature plant sizes can cause serious problems in the future.

Form explains the shape of the plant and the space it will occupy. Forms and shapes can vary. They include columnar, round, vase, weeping, oval, creeping, and many others.

Texture describes a plant’s fineness or roughness. Texture is categorized in terms of leaf thickness and shade (light or dark). As a rule, plants with finer textures should be used in greater numbers than plants with coarse textures.

Seasonal interest and color are important as they add to the beauty of your landscape year around. Some plants have features that showcase at different times of the year, such as foliage, fruit, flowers, changing colors, etc.

Other considerations for landscape plants in Phoenix are insect and disease resistance, moisture tolerance, drought resistance, soil type, and sun/shade requirements.

Creative Environments’ team of experts will choose plants that offer the best design and effects for your landscape. A few well–selected plant varieties can have great impact and appeal in your outdoor environment.

Contact Creative Environments today and get a free consultation for landscape plants in Phoenix and the metro area. Call 480.777.9305 or request a quote online.

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