Land Development Design

At Creative Environments, our experts possess the knowledge and experience needed to prepare plots of land for residential, commercial, or industrial development.  Many factors govern the use of land, such as zoning laws and regulations regarding the protection of certain animal and plant life.  Before construction begins, the infrastructure for utilities must be established, taking into consideration the topography of the land and the impact on surrounding areas.

The Creative Environments team is well-versed in federal, state, and local regulations, and will oversee subcontractors responsible for constructing utility systems.  We believe that it is possible to develop land while demonstrating respect for the environment, and we strive to preserve as much of the ecosystem as possible.  When embarking on the design phase, our team works to match both the natural landscape and architectural style of the buildings that will occupy the land.

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"Right from the start, their designers did a fantastic job - listened to what we wanted and came up with a lot of really creative ideas... The follow-up has been fantastic and overall it's been a really good experience."

- T.J. - Tempe, AZ