Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Environment

Homeowners typically maintain a picture in their heads of what they imagine their best yard could look like. These visions, while often grandiose and dream-like, tend to be relegated to the list of intimidating and large-scale home improvement projects that sound great but will never see the light of day. Fortunately, Creative Environments and its team of experienced designers and landscaping experts can play an active role in turning these dreams into a striking reality. While there are any number of ways to design landscaping around a property, it is always easiest to focus on specific elements that will serve as the armature for the rest of the outdoor environment. Here are three simple themes that can truly enhance any outdoor space: Continue reading

Designing the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams

The perfect backyard living space has it all from a well designed pool and spa, fountains, and perfectly designed landscaping, to the ultimate design element that ties your indoor life to the outdoors: an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are incredible ways to connect you and your families’ day-to-day life to the outdoor environment that you have painstakingly invested in and implemented. Here are a few ideas for how to bring an outdoor kitchen of your dreams to fruition. Continue reading

Spring Landscape Maintenance Tips

Gardening and landscaping in the southwest can be a very rewarding experience but it does come with its challenges. The spring presents a particularly challenging set of circumstances with monsoon season in full swing and the inevitable summer heat on the way. Here are a few landscape maintenance tips to help you make the most of your outdoor environment this year. Continue reading

Utilizing Landscaping to Create Backyard Privacy

At Creative Environment, we help you create a tranquil outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family. To help boost ambiance and amplify the relaxation factor of your yard, a certain amount of privacy is necessary. Over the years, we’ve developed a range of solutions that incorporate landscaping as a means to achieving the right amount of coverage, privacy, and delineation of space to deliver great outdoor environments to our customers. Continue reading

The Beauty of Climbing Plants

As one of Arizona’s most premiere and award-winning landscape service companies, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service and innovative ideas that keep your backyard looking beautiful. When it comes to plant life, Phoenix boasts a wide range of viable options that thrive in our desert environment. One favorite method of employing greenery in a functional role includes using the habits of climbing plants to lend a sense of design and beauty to your outdoor environment. Several of our favorite drought-resistant vines include:

Continue reading