Using a Spa for Fitness

As the New Year rolls around, many of us are turning our post-holiday attention to incorporating healthy habits into our lives. From eating more nutritious foods to getting more exercise, shifting intentionality to wellness is a great way to kick of 2018. For those that have a spa, here are several ways to employ their use as a workout tool: Continue reading

The Customer Journey

At Creative Environments, our customers take center stage. As one of Arizona’s largest and most respected landscape design companies, there’s a good reason: We’ve spent over fifty years refining and streamlining our process to deliver the very best. We believe good design, quality construction, and unparalleled customer service. It’s this very collaborative practice that enables our team to bring our customer’s our dreams to fruition. Continue reading

Prepping Your Property

The holidays are almost here and this means prime entertaining season. Whether you are hosting family and friends or just spending time solo, it’s the perfect time of the year to prepare your property to shine. This means paying attention to every facet of your outdoor environment and delivering much needed TLC. Several areas in particular to work on include: Continue reading

The Art of Landscape Maintenance and Design

At Creative Environments, we pride ourselves on our award-winning design, construction, and maintenance of residential and commercial landscaping.  In fact, our mission statement includes “providing outstanding design to build quality outdoor living environments and to ensure on-time production, while remaining committed to customer satisfaction.” And this philosophy is one we take to heart. Continue reading

Lighting Essentials

When it comes to lighting in your outdoor environment, there are a few things to consider. Whether you prefer to grill poolside with family, break a sweat and swim laps, host friends for an intimate dinner, or just relax solo with a good book, light is a major player responsible for contributing to the atmosphere of your outdoor space. As the seasons change, and the daylight hours dwindle, it’s important to perfect your lighting game now. Here are a few critical considerations: Continue reading

Looking Ahead

While the sun shines and our Arizona days are full of fun, it also can be a great time to plan ahead for the cooler seasons. Sure splashing around in a refreshing pool and lounging in your outdoor living space are perfect excuses to wile away time, but the next season will be here before you know it! Several items to consider before the temperatures dip: Continue reading