Four Reasons to Spend More Time Outside

While it’s true that a well-crafted and beautiful outdoor environment may be part of the draw to spending more time outdoors, there are plenty of reasons why it is essential to get out. Recent research shows that the average American spends more than 87 percent of their daily life indoors. Not to mention another six percent stuck behind the wheel of a vehicle. If that isn’t enough reason to get you out, here are four more reasons why you should get outside: Continue reading

History of the Courtyard

The concept of a courtyard is rich indeed. Defined as an enclosed area that is often open to the sky and surrounding by buildings, the origin of the courtyard began as a meeting place then evolved into multi-purposed area that included activities like cooking sleeping, working, playing, and gardening.

Delivering comforts such as air, light, privacy, security, and tranquility, courtyards give many of the most desired qualities of human housing. Continue reading

Conservation Tips for Water Features

Many property owners have begun to embrace the full sensory benefits of incorporating water features into their outdoor landscaping. Whether it’s a simple fountain, a natural pond, or even a hot tub, introducing water to your environment is a great way to get creative with all range of building and design elements. Especially in arid desert regions though, it is the responsibility of any water feature owner to design and operate these luxuries with a conservation mindset so as to not waste what is a both a visually beautiful and incredibly important natural resource. Here are a few common practices that will help you conserve water this year: Continue reading

Simple Guide for Tree and Shrub Trimming

Now is the perfect time of year to get your annual tree or shrub trimming in before the summer heat puts too much stress on your plants. The reason being is that most trees or shrubs go into a dormant state meaning that spring pruning will result in vigorous growth once the temperatures warm. It is also easiest to see the full structure of a tree or shrub as most of the foliage is likely gone. Continue reading

The Arizona Planting Season is Underway

Late winter is the perfect time of year in the Phoenix area to get trees or shrubs in the ground before the warm spring turns quickly into a sweltering summer. If selected and planted correctly, trees and shrubs are fantastic additions to any residential landscape as they provide a number of benefits from providing shade to improving your overall property value. Proper planting requires careful planning though. To get it right, follow the guide below and enjoy the wonderful benefits of keeping trees and shrubs. Continue reading