Simple Guide for Tree and Shrub Trimming

Now is the perfect time of year to get your annual tree or shrub trimming in before the summer heat puts too much stress on your plants. The reason being is that most trees or shrubs go into a dormant state meaning that spring pruning will result in vigorous growth once the temperatures warm. It is also easiest to see the full structure of a tree or shrub as most of the foliage is likely gone. Continue reading

The Arizona Planting Season is Underway

Late winter is the perfect time of year in the Phoenix area to get trees or shrubs in the ground before the warm spring turns quickly into a sweltering summer. If selected and planted correctly, trees and shrubs are fantastic additions to any residential landscape as they provide a number of benefits from providing shade to improving your overall property value. Proper planting requires careful planning though. To get it right, follow the guide below and enjoy the wonderful benefits of keeping trees and shrubs. Continue reading

Commercial Landscape Design for Every Environment

While we take great pleasure and pride in creating beautiful and user-friendly outdoor environments for residential homeowners, from time to time we get the opportunity to really flex our muscles and take on exciting commercial projects. Here are a few of our most noteworthy designs. (For all of our residential property owners, take notes as there are some great ideas in here that can be applied to your backyard landscape. We are waiting to hear from you!) Continue reading

Planter Maintenance

If you are a do-it-yourself type and like to spend the weekends elbow-deep in the garden  honing that green thumb, now is the perfect time to get out and perform planter maintenance. After you have trimmed back your perennials and cleaned out any debris and leaf litter, it is critical that you use this break in the growing season to bring those beds up to snuff to help them maintain plant life for the coming year. Follow these easy steps and you will have no problem keeping your beds looking lively and vibrant. Continue reading

Top Landscape Design Trends that Harness the Beauty of Arizona


Warm days, refreshing nights, and weightlessly dry air: for most of the year, these pleasant conditions characterize the Arizona climate.  As a result, residents of the sun-soaked state tend to channel a significant portion of their home improvement expenditures toward the development of outdoor living spaces that are comfortable and functional.  Accounting for the unique ecosystem of the Sonoran Desert, landscape architects and design experts in the Phoenix area strive to maximize homeowners’ use of outdoor living spaces through the following trends. Continue reading

Getting Ready for Barbecue Season

Fall brings a number of our favorite things onto the calendar, from pumpkin patches to autumn celebrations. It also brings a changing landscape that seems to give out one last burst of color before the trees lose their leaves and the winter season sets in. Most importantly, fall brings the perfect weather for a past time held near and dear to the hearts of every American and possibly every person in the world: barbecue season!!! Continue reading